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Full text of "Officers and Roll of Members for the Year 1910, Association of the Army of Tennessee, Louisiana Division, Camp No. 2, U.C.V."

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j I 



Df 11} P 

Army of Gfertwaafce 

&n liiiiuma Oiiur.uui 

(Camp N*. 2, K. «L »• 


NkW ORLEANS. Jam-any 12th. WW. 

Ki-:c.i'i..\K Monthly Mi-:i:ti.m.. SkCOND TOI DAI 
IN Kaoii MONTUi AT Mi-Mi'i.'i.u. II.M.I.. 



(Jen. <;.. T. Beauregard L877 

.Fames Lingan 1878 

Gen. Augustus Reicliard 1879-1880 

J. Adolpu Chalaron 1881-82-83 

Walter II. Rogers 188-1-85-80-87 

Alfred J. Lewis .\ . 1888-89 

Watt T. Cluverhis 1890 

Joseph I). Taylor 1891 

John Glynn, Jr 1892 

John H. Vinet 1393 

ft. 1 lenry lirunct 1894 

William E. Iluger 1895 

Prank A. Monroe 1890 

Charles A. Lusscnbnrg 1897 

George S. Pettit 1897-98 

Charles Santana • . 3399 

J. Walton Gaines 1900 

I. S. Richard 1901 

Lewis Guion 1902 

Thomas J. Duggun I'JO'A 

Clement L.Walker 1904 

Theo. 0, Will . . ; 190". 

Richard 1 K Screven 1900 

Frank L. Uichardson 1907 

Bcotl McGehoe l£K>S 

J, Goorgo Aufdeiticrte 1909 



None but persons who have "honorably served iu 
the Army or Navy of the late Confederate States, 
during the War between the States, serving until 
the elose of the War, unless previously discharged 
for real physical disability, lionorabiy released from 
service, having an unimpeachable war record, and 
of good standing since, can be members of thin 
( Organization. 



€ =tai ^5ioS : ?)(S =:::a ==*) 


41 f tlic 

EnuiBtatia fitutatmi • 
(Samp No- 2. 11. (C. V. 



NitW OK LEANS, Janiwky 12th. WIOi 



RequlaH Monthly Mkbtino. Sixonu TUESDAY 
in K.\cn Month, at Mk.mokial Hall, 



A rimi nf Qfcnttto&ttP, Euuisiatia Bto- 

(Camp Nn. 2 

lluitrb (Gnnfrfcral? Urlrraits. 

January I2th, 1910. 


Adam, John L., 4th Co. Orleans Huttniio» and 
_■_'«! La. Regiment. 

Allain, Alexander 1'.. 5th Co. Washington Ar- 

Allen, Wm, Eenry, Watson's and Points Coupee 
Huttrrics and Lieut, in -2d I .a. lt<*{*iment. 

Aufdemorte, Jno. George, Co, "1" 20th La. In- 
fant ry. 

Bakowcll, A. Cordon ( Honorary ). 1st St»rg't 5th 
Co. Washington Artillery and Chaplain 
(*. K. A. 

Ballard, Jno. U.. 2nd Lieut Co. "K' 1 20th La. 

Barnard, Win. B., Co, "A" (Jtli Georgia Etegi- 
cnenl and Courier duty in 1865. 

Barrosse, B. A.. Watson's Battery. Cnbh's Twtas 
Scouts and Wood's Cavalry. 

Barry, David <).. Co. "D" 22nd La Regiment. 

Beauregard, Rene T.. Capt. Ferguson's Battery. 

Beattie. Taylor, Lieut and Capt. 1st La. Regulars 
and Col. of Civ airy, on Staff duty and Judge 
Advocate Gen'l Ilardw. 

Bender, John J., Sumptcr Rifles, Crescent Regi- 
ment, and Selraa Xavul Gun Foundry. 

Bernard, Henry C, Co. "1" 2Gtn La. Infantry. 

Bienvenu, Neuville, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges, 
La, Battery. 



hi.-nv.-mi. Ni'inours. L'Isi Texas Cavalry and Win- 
chester's La. Buttery. 
Blanc, Paul, Oilcans Onnrds. Co. "F" *JOth La. 


Blakemore, Wm. T., 2nd Ky. Cavalry, Lieut, and 
Capt. A. D. Q Qen'l B, U, Johnson, and Staff 
duty, Richmond, Va. 

Blum-hard, James E., Orleans Guard Battery and 
Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Bingay. B. J., Co. "II" LSlli La. Infantry and 
Scott's Cavalry. 

Boisblanc, Alcide, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges' 
La. Battery. 

Bormau, Augustus, Orleans Guard. Dreux's Bat- 
talion and Fanner's Battery. 

Brandao. E. A.. Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Bat- 
talion and Fanner's Battery, 

Brandin, James, Orleans Guards' Battery. Dreux's 
Cavalry and LeCardeiir's Battery. 

Brady. James S., Co. "K" Crescent and 16th La. 

Bracklein, Fred., Co. "A" 20th La. Regiment 

B riant, Lassaline P.. Lieut, and Adj't 10th La. 
Battalion Infantry and on Staff Gen'Is Ar- 
mand and Mont on, ami I'rovost Marshal at 
Xew Iberia. 

Brickell, Wm. B., 3d Confederate Regiment and 
Surgeon Mamiadukes Brigade Cleburne's Di- 

Brown. Ify. Clay. Crescent Rifles Dreux's Bat- 
talion and Dreux's Cavalry and Engineer 

Browne. Richard II., Confederate Guards' Re* 
sponse Battalion, Lieut, and A. I. G. Gen'l 
Fallon Anderson, A. A. o. Gen'l Withers' 

Brunei, 'K. By. (Honorary), Orleans Cadets, 

Dreux's Battalion and Femur's Battery. 
Brunei, B. Thomas, Conner's Batterv. 

Brulard, Arthur 11.. Co. "B" Pointc Coupee Ar- 
Burthe, Louis, Co. "F v 30th La. Regiment 

Capdevielle, Paul, Boone's and LeGardeur's Bat- 

Cnrnahan, John YY.. Ferret (Jnarils, 5th La. In- 
fan try and Sergeant Bed River Sharpshoot- 

Carroll, Chas. v., Co. "C Crescent Regiment and 
l )i'partinent Headquarters. 

Carrington, Algernon S., Capt. Co. "11" 21st Ala- 
bama Regiment 

Carthy, Peter P., C. S. Navy. S. S. Sumpter, 
.Miss. River and Charleston. 

Chaille, Stanford E., Orleans Light Horse and 
Surgeon < '. s. A.. M. I. t) General Bragg. 

Childress. M. Berlin* Fennel's Battery. 

Clark. Phil. C. C. S. Navy and Fenners Bat- 

Clark, Sheldon W., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets. 18th 
La. Regiment. 

Castanedo, Arthur A,. Orleans Guard Battalion 
and Co. H F" 30th La. Regiment 

Colcock, D. D., .Midshipman O. S. Navy at Charles- 
ton and 3d S. C. Cavalry. 

Conies, Joseph L\. Ascension Guards, 2Sth Ba. 
and 2'2i\ La. Regiment «*. 

Coos. John BL, American Rifles, Co. "C" 30th En. 

Conrad, G. Mather, Fcnner's Battery. 

Cornu, Ernest, I'ointe Coupee Battery. 

Cosgrove, .lames. (Jibson's and Dent's Battery. 

Cotting, Chas. C. 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

Cox. Augustus S„ Cn federate Guards' Response 

Craig. R. E., 1st Lieut. Co. "C" 15th Mississippi 

Crawford. 11. II., FenneFs Battery. 

— 6— 

Cnuy, Nicholas (Honorary) Bluff City Greys Go. 
"IS" filth Sr. Trim, Infantry and 1st Sergeant 
Co. "A" McDonald's Battalion and Forrest 
Regiment Cavalry, 

Cushman, Bingham, Co. "A" 16th La. Infantry. 

Dalon, Justin C, Orleans Artillery and Co. "E" 

22d La, Regiment. 
DeFuentes, ('lias. L.. Co. "D" 22d La. Regiment. 
Delahoussaye, L. P., St Mary's Cannoneers. 
I Mm,., Phil., -Hli La. Battalion, after 1st La. 

Devall, David. Delta Rifles and Capt, National 
Guards, 4th La. Infantry, 

Desforges, Leonce, Fenner*s Battery., Ernest, Orleans Guard and Sergeant 
LeGardeur's Battery. 

Dirmeyer, A. L., Stuart's Co. v. Miles' Legion 
and Ogdcu's Battalion Cavalry. 

Dinkins, James, ls1 X. C. Infantry, ISth .Miss, In- 
fantry in Va,, 1st Lieut. C. S. A.. A. I). C. to 
Genera] Chalmers and Capt. Co. "<"" istli 
Miss. Cavalry. 

Duncan, \v m . B., Co. "D" Crescent Regiment 

Dolan. John A.. Co. "A" Austin's Battalion. 

Klixanli. Peter, Orleans Guards and Dreux's Cav- 
alry Co. 

Elliott, John Ham weii. s. c. College Cadets and 
2d Lieut. Maxwell's Light Artillery, Regulars 

Elliott, Tims. Hugh, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Ellis, William Connor, 2d Lieut. Co. **D" and 1st 
Lieut, and Cunt. Co. "A" 1st La. Regular Ar- 

Enright, Thomas, clack's Battalion, 25th La. 
Crescent Regiment and Arsenal al Shreveport. 

Ernest, Frederick, La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion 
and Ord. Sergt. Fenner's Battery. 

Erslew, William C. S. Navy at Mobile and 3d 
La. Battery at Fort Blakeley. 




al, All 








E.\ rich 





154 S 

r. T 


In fan try. 

Brigade i 





• A" 









. U 

. Qui 



ux's Bat* 


ion an 

,\ c 






Forman, Benj. Rice, <'<>. C" 2d Ky. Cavalry. 
Morgan's < Command. 

Forno, Lawrence, Co. "C" 1st La. Cavalry. 

Form). George W.. Co. "I"" Crescent Regiment. 

Louder. Isaac .L. 1st and sth Missouri Infantry 
and in Q. M. Department, Trans-Miss. 

Fox, Charles W., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

Forster, Christian Wolfe. K«rr"s and Dents Bat* 

Fordham, John D,. Co. V." 24th Alabama Regi- 

Freret, Wm. A.. 5th Co. Washington Artillery and 
Officer in Engineer Department Trans-Miss. 

Fromhertz, Peter, Gibson's La, and Ketchum's 
Ala. Dan fries. 

Gaffney, Peter C.. Co. "E" 18th La. Infantry. 

Gaines, Jas. Walton, Co. "A" Orleans Cadets, 
Lieut C. S. A. and lsi Lieut. 1st La. Regu- 
lar Artillery. 

Gamotis, Alphonse, Orleans Guards, Barret t's.^yid 

I ,e( 2q rdeu r's Dal 1 cries. 

Garden 1 . Arthur, Co. "A*' Orleans Guards Bat- 
talion and LeGardeur*s Battery. 
Gardner, Matt D.. Co. "A" Crescent Regiment 

and Cum. Dept. 

Caiidel, Joe. Sergt. Telienn,'* Furies' and Win- 
chester's Batteries. 

Gay, Andrew 11., Co. "A" 1st La. Cavalry. 

Gill. Thomas M.. Sergt.-Major and Capt Co, 
"K" Slst Miss. Infantry and Major in Por- 
n-si's Cavalry. 



cinder. Henry, Crescent Regiment and Former's 
Battery and 1st Lieut. Engineer Corps. 

Gitzinger, elms., lih Sergt Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Glynn, John Jr., Lieut. LeGardeur's Battery. 

Godbold, Fabius (',. Co. "B" 1st La. Cavalry and 
Bradford's Scouts. 

Gosselin, Martial, Co. "F" Crescent Regiment. 

(Jims. Louis, Co. "B" 3d La. Cavalry. 

Gregory, Fred C., Co. "F" 7th Ala. Cavalry. Gen'l 
Rucker's Escort* 

Grilling, John II., Co. "1" HM Ala. Infantry and 
detached to Trans-Miss. Dept. 

Guillot, John J., Co* "A" 80th La. Regiment 

Guerin, Paul 0., DeGournay's Beavy Artillery 
ami LeOardeur's Battery. 

Guion, Lewis, 2d Lieut Co. "C," 1st Lieut. La, 
Regular Infantry, Capt ('•', "D" 20th La* 
and A. 1. G. I.o Oen'1 Allan Thomas and 
A. A. G. on Brigade Staff in Trans-Miss, Dfr* 

Hackney, i;. II.. Cltfy Guards, 30th La, Regi- 

Harris, Timothy !>.. Co, "C" 30th La. and Rive* 
Gunboats in the West. 

Harrison, Win. Colo, Co. "A" Crosoont Itegt. and 
detached in Medical Department 

Harriss, Geo. P., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Bat- 
talion, and 2d Lieut, Fenm r's Buttery. 

Qarrod, B. Morgan. 1st Lieut. La. Regular Ar- 
tillery and Capt. A. 1>. C. Gen'l ML. Smith. 

Hay del, John. Orderly Sergt. St. Mary's Can- 

Heath, Win. I«\, Co. P." 30th La. Regiment. 

Hebrarcf, L. P., Chasseurs a Pied, 18th La. and St. 
Mary's Cannoneers and Clerk in Medical De- 
partment Trans-Miss. 

Hedges, J. II. II., Ordnance Sergt. .".th Co. Wash- 
ington Artillery and Ordnance Officer Selma, 

llcnriques, A. I)., Orleans Cadets. Dreux's Bat- 
talion and Fcnner's Batteiy. 

Hildohrandt, Leopold, Gibson's Light Artillery and 
Lnmsden's Ala. Battery. 

Hill. James Davidson Lieut and Capt. Co. "F" 
28th La. and Lieut. Col. Volunteer Battalion, 
< 'omnia tiding Brigade at Atlanta, and A. I). C. 
Gen.'] Hood. 

Hineks. Joseph A.. Orleans Guards, Bridges' La. 
Battery and 2d Lieut. Ferguson's Battery. 

ilogsett, George A., Patella's Mississippi Bat- 

Hooker. Charles F. (Honorary), Col. Cavalry C. 

S. A. 
Hopkins. Aristide. Orleans Light Horse and Lieut. 

A. A. 1. O. Generals Polk and A. P. Sl.-wa.-i. 
lluey. Win. IJ. P., Holmes' La. Battery and Gen'l 

Hodges' Headquarters. 
Hynes, John, Co. "A" Regular C. S, Cavalry, llig- 

gius Artillery and Senunos' Battery. 

Jacob, Oamille, Co. "A" 18th La. Infantry. 
Jocliiiin. Peter. Poiiue Coupee Artillery. 
Jonas. Ben.i. Franklin.. Fen iter's Battery and Act- 
ing Adju't Battalion Artillery. Hood's Corps, 

A. T. "V 

Juden, John It.. Sergeant and 2d Lieut. La. 
Guards. Dreux's Battalion and Commissary 
Department, Gen. E. Kirby Smith. 

Judiee. Paul X.. La. Sappers and Miners, Ord. 
Sergt. Co. "A" 13th La. Infantry ami En- 
gineer Corps. Trans-Miss. 

Jumcl, Allen. Capt. Co. -I" 2d La. Cavalry, 

Keiffer, Julius M.. Crescent Rifles. Dreux's Bat- 
talion and Sergeant-Major 1st Florida Regi- 
ment Infantry. 

Kenney. Christopher C, l«t La. Regulars Infan- 



K Tier, Kustace, Clink's Battalicii and Dreux*s 

Cavalry Co. 
Knutz, Nicholas, Co. "A" 20th La, Regiment and 

detailed in Commissary ill Columbus, tin. 
Kyle, V. II., Co. "K" Wirt Adams' Cavalry and 

on detail, 

Lafaye, John A.. Watson's Battery, S. C. Siege 
Train and Bridges' La. Battery. 

Lallande, John B., Capt Co. V Kith La. In 
f an try. 

Lambert, Richard, Oapt. Ordnance Department at 
Baton Koujie. La.. Macon and Aujrusta, <!a. 

Lambert, Arthur, Corporal Pointe Coupee Bat- 

Lapiee, Ambrose (1.. La. Guards Co. "0" and Le- 
Gardeur's Battery. 

Latour, Victor, 22d La. Infantry. 

Ij<h1oux. L. A., Pointe Coupee Artillery. 

Leefe, Benj. P., Orleans Guard Battalion and Co 
U F M 30th La. Infantry. 

LeMonnier, ST. It. (Life Member), Crescent Regi- 
ment and Orleans Light Horse, 

Lclong, Alphbnse v., Ducatel's Battery. 

Levy, Isaac, Pointe Coupee Artillery and Capt. 
Commissary of 1 tat i a lion. 

Levy. Levis Fisher, Yazoo Rangers and STerger's 
Miss. Cavalry. 

Lewis, Alf. Joshua, Capt. Co. "E" 1st La. Regular 
I ufant ry. 

Lewis. John II., Scott's 1st La. Cavalry. Red River 
Sharpshooters, and on driiboat WVbb. 

Low is. Krnest S.. Surgeon .'id Ci»oru;ia (Rivalry and 

Medical Director Wheeler's Corps. 
Lord. George II.. Co. "I>" 5th La. In Ian try and 
Co. ■<'" 1st La. Cavalry. 

McCarthy, Richard, Co. "E" 20th Miss Infantry, 

\';i. and Tenn. 
McConnell, James (Lite Member). 2d Lieut, c... 

"A" 1st La. Regular Artillery. 

i . 


McGehee, Scott, Co. "I" and Sergt -Major 3d La. 

McLellan, Alden, Bodgkins' Co, Continental 
Guards and lsr Lieut. Co, "It" Hannibal Fly- 
ing Artillery of Mo. and A. A. Q. M. Cabell's 
and Cockrell's Brigade. 

McQuiUing, Thomas, Co. "K" 1Sth La. Regiment, 
1 (rummer. 

Maguire, Pat. Gregory, Brown's and timber's Mis- 
souri Battery. 

Mallei i. Moid.. Bryan's Co, Miles" Legion and 
Ogden's Battalion Cavalry. 

Manuel, Joseph L\. Co. "G M Crescent Regiment 

Marquez, Frank. Orleans Guards and LeGardenr's 

Marrero. L. II.. Co. "C" 25th La. Infantry. 

Mather, George, Fenner's Battery. 

Melville, David, Co. "B" Crescent Regiment 

Menetre, Einile Coorge. Proux's Cavalry Co, 

Michel, John A.. Co. "H" L'Hh La. Infantry. 

Miles. Joseph, Crescent Blues Co. "11" Crescent 

Miller. John, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

Minnirli. John \\\, 5th Co. Coppen's La. Zouaves 
and nth Georgia Cavalry. 

Monroe, Frank A.. Co. "C" 1st La. Cavalrfg 

Morgan, II. Cihhs. Volunteer Aid at battje of 
Baton Rouge and (Tenner's Battery. 

Morey, David B., Engineer Troops and Special 

Moore, C<-<>. W., Co. "B" 11th La. and Austin's 

Mnir. J. Alex.. Co. "C" Crescent Regiment 
Mumford, Chas. II.. War and Commissary Depart- 
ments, detached service. 

Munch, John, Co. "IT isih La Regiment and Bed 
River Sharpshooters. 

Mnnchow, E. W., Gibson's and Robinson's Bat- 



Nicholls, Francis T. (Honorary). Brigadier Gen- 
eral C. & A. from La. 

Nixon. Wyndham R. f 13th La. Infantry niul St. 
-M.i ry 's Cann < » nee rs. 

No res. II. L.. Orleans Guards, Palmetto Guards 
and Bridges' La. Battery. 

Nores, John B., Lieut. Watson's Battery. 

Norton, John V. } To, "E" 22d La, Regiment. 

North. Titos. Payne, Co. "A" Confederate Response 
Battalion and Co. "A" Consolidated Crescent 

Noyes, J. Win.. Orleans Cadets, Co. M A" Dreux'a 
Battalion and Fenner's Battery. 

O'Brien, Patrick, Co. "H" 18th La. Regiment 
O'Hara. Miehael G.. 30th La. and C. S. Navy. 
O'Meallie, James, Hay's Champions 18th La. In- 

flllll IT, 

Oehmichen. Gastave, Orleans Guards. Barretts 
and LeGardeur's Batteries. 

Ogdon, Henry V. (Honorary), 5th Co. Washing- 
ton Artillery. 

Pascoe t William II., Co. "1" 4th Miss. Cavalry. 
Forrest's Corps. 

P. -rivt, Dranzin, Pointe Coupee Artilh'rv. 

Perilleux, E. F., Co. "F" 30th La. Infantry and 
Ordnance Sergt. Power's Cavalry. 

Pierson, Hugh, Co. "D" Crescent Regiment and 
Fenner's Battery. 

Pierson, James F., Co. "C" 3d La. Infantry and 
Sergt. Commifsary Guard at Shreveport. 

Pi lie, Edgar, LeGardeur's Battery. 

Polignac, Camille'J. (Honorary), Lieut.-Col. C. S. 
A. ; Major General 2d Infantry Division, Gen- 
eral Richard Taylor, Trans-Miss. Department. 

Power, Philip, 2d Lieut. Co. "I" Chalraette Regi- 
ment and Pointe Coupee Artillery. 

Renaud, John K., Co, "A" Orleans Cadets, Dreux's 
Battalion and Fenner's Battery, 

Renaud, William IT., Fenner's Battery. 


S. S. Huntsvilie, 


Reinerth, Albert, C. ft $Tai 

Mobile Bay. 
Reynolds, Henry W. W., Co. "G" 2d La. Ca\ 

and 2d Lieut Co. "B" Engineer Troop - 

Richardson, Frank L., Ord Sergt. Co. "G" I3th 

La. Infantry, 5th Co. Washington Artill 

and 2d La. Cavalry. 
Robin, Oscar, Asst. Medical Purveyor Trans-Miss. 

and Asst. Surgeon Fanes' Artillery Battalion. 
Robinson, John D., Co. "*D" Orleans Artillery, 
Rogers, Wynne, Scott's Partisan Rangers and 

Bridges' Battery. 
Rousseau, Octave. 2d Co. Orleans Ajjtillerj* and 

Watson's Battery. 
Rousselia, Hermogent, Orleans Guard Battery Co. 

* E" 30th La. Infantry. 
Royer, Charles Ernest, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Santana, Charles, Stuart's Co., Miles' Legion and 
Ogden's Battalion Cavalry. 

Scriven, Richard P.. Co. "A" La. Guards. Dreux's 
Battalion, Lieut. A. D. C. on Staff, Ward's 
Brigade Cavalry in Va., and on duty in Mis- 

Seaton, Thomas, Co. *'A" La. Guards. Dreux's 
Battalion and Fenner's Battery. 

Sevey. Wm. S. E., 2d Lieut. 5th La. Infantry and 
5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

Seebold. Wm. Emile, Co. "I" Scott's 1st La. Cav- 
il ] ry. 

Sclph. Dudley, Moorman's Miss Cavalry, 2d Co. 
Washington Artillery ; attached to Ector's 
Brigade and Courier duty. 

Skipwith. N. G., Co. "F" 4th Ga. Infantry, Har- 
vey's Scouts and Ratcliff's Battery. 

Smith, Thos. G., Co, **E" 1st La. Regular Infantry 
and C. S. Navy, Str. Chickamauga. etc. 

Smith. Wm.. C. S. Navy in Red River, Steamer 

Webb, etc. 




Soulp, G 


Col. Ci 

& Capt Co. 'A' 


P and Lieut.- 

s, , ep r nt Be8t - Ciiet 2K- *£nS 

Sorapuni, Louis, Co "O" Pa,-«*« r^ 

«t. martin, J'eter Frl <*<Hk 1 « V 

and rounXr«V^ h al ^ h ^ *■*** 

Theard, Jam* "ar^Jtairar* % 

«"<! Co. "D" 22 r, , ■ 0l l eans Battalion 

Theiox, Victor <w ,, Ui "*"" (l *t 

"" ' narles, Co. "D" •»•>,] r , »» . 
rnent. — " ul Regi- 

T""^"™-* o,. lra ,, Gaards and , 0a Mo 

Trappier, fftands Oscar, Lieut Co •■»•• n 

lory. " Zi] Ba <talion Ala. Light Artil- 

Vjering, Henry, Dmrti Cavalry Co 

•J^M^ISS,* O. ■*» T rai „ nnd 

A ill.-, j us,,, j. Mar I'nfmetto Guards S r «• 

.■>,,, „„„ Bridges' La. BaS s ' c - Siege 

Regiment ' St Jnmoa BJfle8 > ^th La. 

»on IMuil, Frank, Cant \ n *^ , xr. 


Vrceland, Walter Raleigh, Crescent Regiment and 

Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
Wagatha, Adam, Snmpter Greys, Co. "B" 30th La. 


Wall, Wesley W.. Co, "G" lOtli La Infantry. 

Walker, Clement L., Miss. Cavalry, 23d Arkansas 
Infantry, A. A. (J. Department and Lieut. En- 
gineers, Trans-Miss. Dept. 

Walsh, William. Boone's and LeGardeur's Batte- 

Waterman, Paul, Sergl. Coppens' La. Zouaves and 
1st Lieut, and Adj't. UeGournay's 12th La 
Battalion Artillery. 

Watson, John W., 5th Co. Washington Artillery 
and detailed at Military Headquarters Army 

Webb. Chauncey Oliver, Co. "A" Crescent Regi- 

Welch, Walter G., Co. **B" 18th La. Regiment 

Wobre, Frank, Sergt. Co. "G" 30th La. Regiment. 

Will, Theodore C Co. "F" Miles' Legion and Ord. 
Sergt Co. "C" 1st La. Regular Artillery. 

Williams, Ceo. A., Capt. A. A. G. Generals St. 
John R. Liddell and 1). 0. Govan's Brigades. 

Wilson, Joseph N. A. Military Instructor. ^\dj't. 
Post (hand iSeoye, La., and St. Mary's Can- 

Wright. Marcus J. (Honorary), Lieut-Col. 154th 
Sr. Tenn. Infantry, A. G. to General Cheath- 
am and Brigadier General C. S. A. 

Toungblood, Wilson, Asst and Chief Engineer C. S. 
Navy, on S. S. Louisiana and iu Mobile Bay. 

Zehler, Charles C, Co. "A" Crescent- Regiment. 

Honorary members 8 

Life member** ^ 

Active n leathers 240 




Deceased members 


Aufdemorte, A. (!, 
Barrosse, Reno J. 
Bruin rd, J. A. 
Clialaron, Chas. Ad, 
Chnlafon, Frank J. 
DeVerges, Paul. 
Eliza rdi, John E. 
Ernest, F. W. 
Ernest", A. S. 
Fortior, Paul. 
Fowler, Edward A. 
Fremaux, Henry J. 
Gregory, F. C, Jr. 
Oholaron, Ulrie 
Gregory, Edward R. 
Green, Rnis.ton F. 
Hart, W. O. 
Ileiiricnics, A. I)., Jr. 
Hincks, J. Wm. 
Holler, J. Paul. 
Haller, J. Theo. 
Lagrange, 1'. P. 
Laudumiey, Fernand. 
Legicr, Octave Jr. 
Livaudaia, Alf. V. 

Mallett, Edw. J. 

McLellan. Allien, Jr. 

McLellan, W. II. 

McLellan, Chas. W. 

RIcGehee, Schaumburg. 

Menetre, Edwin J. 

Miltenberger, Ernest, Jr. 

Morgan, J I. Gibbs, Jr. 

Nores. ]■:. L. 

Notes, H. U. 

Prados, Henry O. 
Quintero, Lamar C, 
Renaud, <;. K. 

Renaud, John K., Jr. 
Richard, James I. 
Rosso r. James B., Jr. 
Scott, Jos. Til ford 
Shaw, A. E. 
Sinclair, James. 
Snow, William. 
Vanney, John George C. 
Will, John M. 
Will, William W. 
Wogan, L. Andre 

Abbott, John R. 
A bad ie. Paul T. 
Agar, Richard. 
A hern, Chas. 
Ail ken, John II. 
Alleyn, James T. 
Alford, John. 
Anderson, Clias, D. 
Andry, Henry. 
Applegate, Marls II. 
A rent, David. 
Alston, Samuel. 

Rachcmiu. Alphonse J. 
Baker, Thomas M, 
Bardon, E. A. 
Barret, Chad. 
1 .arret, Fred. 
Barry, M. C. 
Bart els, F. W. 
Baylor, En go no W. 
Beauregard, I*. G. T. 
Beck, Algernon S. 
Bock, Chas. A. 
Becker, Michael. 
Beebe, Marcus J. 
Bollnnde, Ma reel his. 
Bel an mo, V. W. 
Benton, Chas. It. 
Bercegeay, Joinville. 
Bermingbam, Michael J 
B or toii, Leon. 
Betat, Chas. 
Bertuchnux, < lustavo. 

Alleyh, Martin A. 
Armstrong, Win. W. 
Arnaiihl. Louis. 
Amy. L. C. 
Arroyo, Felix* 
Assenhoimor, Alex F, 
Atchway, James. 
Auburtia, J. Jack. 
Augustin, John. 
Austin, J. E. 
Avril, Alex. 

Bet ha n court, Mathias A. 
Bethancourt, Octave A. 
Blanc, Samuel P. 
Blanchard, James G. 
Blesine, Henry B. 
Bobet, Alphonse. 
Bolan, Henry. 
Bond, Richard C. % 
Bonner, John M, 
Bosworth, A. W. * 
Bouligny, Edmonds 
Bourdain, Alfred. 
Bourg, J. A. 
Boyd, W. J. 
Bourgeois, John L, 
Bower, Edward l„ 
Boyle, Roger I 
.Bradley, Allied 
Brauglin, Qeo, !l, 
Brent, John I.. 
Bridge, Benj. 


liortiis, Alfred. 
Bert us, W. E. 
Bosancon, Octave. 
Bush, Louis. 
Harnett, Edward R. 
Bergeron, Michel B. 
Bryant, John W. 
Boisson, Anatole. 
Brugier, Auguste. 
Bruce, Robert J. 
Buckley, John. 

Campbeil, Wm. 
Carroll, Fred W. 
Canton, Oliver. 
Casey, John P. 
Chambers, R. It. 
Champagne. F. O. 
Cham pi in, Wm, S. 
Charbonnet, James A. 
Charbonnet:, J. N. 
Chase, Francis T. 
Chastant, Alcee. 
Childress, Geo. P. 
Clark. A. B. 
Clavfe, Jean V. 
Clone, Michael. 
Cluverius, Wat, Tyler. 
Coignard, C. B. 
Co iron, F. S. 
Coleman,. Jas Walker. 
( '"11 ins, Joseph. 
Conners, Tim. 
Conrad, Chos, A. 
Conway, Jaa. I). 

Duggan, Thomas J. 
Duplnntier, Armand. 
Dxtitot, Octave, 

Brocard, & 
Brougere, Aristide. 
Brown, Nicholas. 
Buisaon, Theodule. 
Buisson, Bcnj. 
Bulger, Michael. 
Bullitt, William. 
Burdge, E. A. 
Burbank, Francis G. 
Burke, Patrick. 

Cortex, II. E. 
Courtney, Daniel. 
Cousins, Ilk-hard M. 
Crane, Geo. P. 
Crosby, Geo. 
Crouch, Walter V. 
Cunliflfe, Geo. F. 
Curley, Ed. 
Curran, 1). 
Curran, John, 
CafTrey, Donelson. 
Cantzon, Charles K. 
Carlisle, Samuel S. 
Cbalaron, J. Adolph. 
Childress, Charles R. 
Collins, Andrew. 
Cooper, George G. 
Cook, John W. 
Corniclle, Joseph. 
Craig, Emmett L. 
Crawford, Walter S. 
Cucullu, Louis, 
Cottraux, R. P. 

Hole, Geo. 
Dooley, Pat 
Dooley, Wm. 

Daly. JohiL 
D'Aquin, Albert. 
Davis. Jkffkbson. 
Day, J. Roland. 
Dean. Charles. 
Decker, Seth II. 
Dejenn. Ed. 
Delahoussnye, B. £>. 
Delery, Charles D, 
Dicks, Jos. Luzenburg. 
Dimitry, John. 
Dirker, John B. 
Disque, Chas. II. 
Dodnrt. John B. 
Doiron, J. J. 
Dolan. Edward F. 

Doulliett. Alex. 

] lowns, Jag. A. 

Dowty, Zach J. 
Dreux, Guy 
Drnhan, R. J. 
Duffy, Philip. 
Duggan, Jos. II. 
Di rices. C. C. 
Dnpre, Eugene. 
Dupu'y, Charles L. O. 
Dnrrive, Ed. 
Duvernay, Philip. 
Delpit, August. 
I ►ePass, Phoenix O. 
Deltussy, Rene A. 
1 )i»dd. Joseph J. 

Early, Jubal A. 

Fame. Christopher. 
Elliott. Ben.i. C. 
Ellis, E. John. 

Elms, Goo. Osborne. 
Fustis. Cartwright. 

Kn.slis, James B. 

Pa hey, James. 
Feinour, E. C, 
Ferguson, H. B. 
Fernandez, Philip. 
Ferrer, Leon. 
Fitzgerald. Jas. J. 
Fleming. John G. 
Foley, Michael. 
Fontenot, Octave, 

Foster. ChilS. W. 

Frederic, II, A. 

Frost, Geo. II. 
Frettman, Martin. 
Freret. Jas. 
Frederic. L. J. 

Fremnux, Leon J 
Freret, Gus J. 
Fuller. L. K. 
Fry, Walton, 
Faibre, James A. 
Flotte. I Ion ore. 


Gaillard, L. A. 

Galleher. John N. 
Gandolft, Felix, 
Ganucheau, Edw. N. 

Garret, Stephen K. 

Golmer, William. 
Gould. Henry. 
Gournier, A. R. 
Graff, John. 
Gray, John. 

Garvey, Charles. 
Gauthreatfx, Joseph. 
Gibson, Randal L. 
Gibson, Tobias. 
Gillespie, Robert W. 
Qirai-d, Jules. 
Girod, E. P. 
Glenn, John W. 
Golden, Patrick. 
Golding, John C. 

IlaiJe, Christopher V. 
Hailey, A. R. 
Hall. Frank M. 
Hall, Win. 
Ha Her, Paul. 
Hamilton, Edwin W. 
Handy, Thos. II. 
Hardee, Thomas S. 
I la i kin, I>. f>. 
Harris, Shop J. 
Harris, Wni. Hooper. 
Harris, Baylis E. 
Hart, Junius. 
Hehert, Alexis S. 
Robert, Louis. 
I Ton mo, Win. 
Hebert, Jules A. 
Henley, N. P. 
Hennessey, James. 
Herman, Win. 
Hall, Gilbert L. 
Hall. Winchester. 
Hart, Toby. 

— 20- 

Green, Charles. 

Gregg. Prank. 
Grosch, Prank II. 
Gnibet, E. A. 
Guibet, R. A. 
Guillot, F, II. 
Guyol, Arrnand. 
Gill, Sigourney B. 
Gray, Reuben F. 
Guidiei, II. R. 

Humphreys. Alexander. 
Hymel, Louie A. 
Jliokoy, Martin. 
Iliblirlir.indt, Henry. 
Holmes, John IT. 
Holmes, Win. II. 
I loon, John R. 
Hooey, John. 
Hooten, Joseph A. 
Horn. Fen del. 
Hosey, Sebastian. 
ITosmer, W. F. 
Hotard. A. E. 
ETousey, Vincent J. 
Hi ben, James. 
Howard. Chas. T. 
Hubbard, Ralph P. 
Hubert, Darius, Rev. 
linger. Win. E. 
Hughes, David. 

H tX TICK, W. W. 

Hyatt, Arthur W. 

Jeahne, Chas. F. 
Johnson, Chas. <;, 
Johnson, Emanuel. 
Johnston, Joseph e. 

Johnston, Win. Prest. 
Jorda, Pierre. 
Joyce, P. A. 
Julie. Louis P. 


Keenan, Ed. 
Koll, John Mcintosh. 
Keller. Chas. 
Kennedy, Matt II. 
Kernochan, II. P, 
Kerr. Geo. Patrick, 
Kerr. .Tas. J, 
Keyser, Renj. II. 
King, E. T. 
Kirk. Wm. E. 

Laade, Wm. II. C. 
Labin, Manuel J. 
Lahouisso. John W. 
Lackey, J. M. 
Lafonta, Edward. 
Lagroue. Chas. A. 
Lallande, Chas. D. 
Lanaux. Geo. Alfred. 
Lanaux, Pierre. 
Lambert, Louis L. 
Landry, J. A. 
Lange, Arthur. 
Laterriere, Chas. 
Laudumiey. Chas, 
Laughlin, Wm. 
Lawrence. Maurice L. 
Leefe, John L. 
Legare, J. Cecil. 
Lemaire, Jules. 
LeRreton, Gustavo, 

Mackey, Anthony. 
McCoy. John. 
McElroy, Thomas. 
McGinnis, James J. 
McGinnis, Thomas. 
McGrane, Lawrence. 
McGrath, P. J. 
Mclntyre, Rem aid. 
McLoary, Charles. 

Kohl. Joseph. 
Kirkland, Louis. 
Krabbe, Samuel. 
Krebs, Joseph H. 
Kreut/., Andrew, 
Kciiney. Patrick. 
Kerrigan, Daniel. 
Klinder. Christian A. 
Knight, John M. 

LeRreton. Chas. 
LeRreton. B. I"). 
Leray. F. Xavier. 
Levron. Aurelian. 
Levie, C. Armnnd. 
Levericli, Abraham I. 
Lewis. Andrew C. 
Lewis. John L. 
Legier, Octave. 
Lilienthal, Edw. 
LeRreton, Emile W. M, 
Lipinski, A. 
Livaudais, Eilmond TI. 
Lingan, James. 
Livaudais, Louis A. 
Lombard, E. II. 
Luminais, E. A. 
Luminais. F. A. 
Luzenburg, Chas. H. 
Lyon, Jidin. 

Meilb-ur. Geo. Ad. 
Melville, T. I>. 
Meyers, William. 
Miller. J. 

Mi:iii"n|:i rra. Juan. 
Monl reuil. Jules. 

Montross, Peter J. 
Moore, Calvin 11. 
Mossy, Victor. 

MeLeay. Thomas. 
McNairy, Frank II. 
Maker, John W. 
Maitrejean, Louis 
Malloy, ('has. 
Manning, Edwards 
Mainning, Henry L. 
Man nil hi, Thos. 
Martin, Austin. 
.Martin, Henry N. 
Mnrkham, Thomas It. 
Mason, A. I'. 
Matheson, William, 
May. Eugene. 
Rfoilleur, Alfred. 

Nolan, Poter. 
Norton, John A, 

Oghtcn', Fred Nash. 
O'Connor. Joseph. 
Onornto, Benedito, 
Olivier. P. Xuma, 

( VI ion. . Inn-, M. 
Ollie, Chns. 

Palfrey, Ed. A. 
Palmer. B. M.. Rev. 
Palms, Francis F. 

Pill toil, IsiKlC W, 

Pemberton, John. 
Pettit, Geo, S, 
Peyrouic, M. A. 
Peyroux, P, O. 
IV.vionv, Thomas A. 
Phillips, Eugene. 
Peters, BenJ. F. 

Quintero, J. A. 

Ralley, Chns, R. 
Rn reside. Harry, 

Mossop, John IT. 
Moymii, Jefferson. 
Mumford, F. M. 
Mumford, W. T. 
Munch, Philip. 
Murphy, James. 
Murphy, Joseph. 
Muse, James F. 
Mallin, Owen. 
Mnthes, William. 
McFarlane, A in] row. 
McVicker, William. 
Meyer, Adolph. 
Miltenberger, Ernest 
M on rot, Eugene. 

Ximnnlly, John C. 
Neuhas, Charles F. 

O'Mealy, John. 
O'Neil, Pat 
Olivior, Victor. 
Ottman, Henry V. 
Owen, Win. Miller. 

Plattsraier, Ambrose. 
Pierce, William. 
Planchard, Dalcour. 
Poche, Felix P. 
Poirier, Jules. 
Pope, B. A. 
Porta, Gesare. 
Potts. John 0. 
Pugh, R. Lawrence. 
Purl. James S. 
Purvis. George. 

Quina, Chas. F. 

Robinson, Francis Mollis. 
Robinson, X. T, X. 


Rocs. Walter 10. II. 
Ivfiian, Warren S. 
RciOtTABP, Augustus. 
Reidelhuber, Peter. 
Reinicke, Frank. 
Reynolds, Thomas. 
Rice, Charles E. 
Rice, Geo. C. 
Robert, Onezime, 
Reeser, Henry B. 
Reynes, E. II. 
Richard, Isadore S. 

Sadler. Geo. W. 
Samb'ola, Anthony. 
Sanchez, Wm. 
Sarpy. Leon. 
Sarrazin, Paul J. 
Saucier, John J. 
Sauve, Felix A. 
Schad. Matthias l\ 
Sc-harniski. A. 
Schaumberg, Wright: 
Scherck, Isaac. 
Schnnydre, O. 
Schreiber, Adolph. 
Scott, John l>. 
Sei.vas, .7. Madison. 
Si- lies, F. 
Sere, Leon. 
Semmes, Thomas J. 
Sharkey, John J. 
Sharkey, Miles. 
Sharp, Patrick. 
Sheehan, Michael J. 
Shepherd, E. T. 
Shortridge, Robt. C. 
Simmons. Louis R, 
Sinclair. Charles L. 

Tahaiy. Paul A. 

Robinson, Winslow. , 
Roche, J. Jules. 
. Roemer, Jacob. 
Roman. Alfred. 
Roman. Arthur J. 
Roundtree, A. W. 
Rossncr. ('has. W. 
Ruch, Albert A 
Ruiz, James A. 
Roach. Thomas R. 
Robertson, Robert W\ 
Rogers. Walter II. 

Sinnott, Richard. 
Smith, k. Kirby. 

Smith, James B. 
Smith, John II. 
Smith, J. Pinckney. 
Smith, Marshall J. 
Sougeron, Jules. 
Sonthmayd, Fred R. 
Spahr. Charles. 
Starr, J. II. 
Stein. Daniel. 
Steven, Will. 
Stockman, S. 1>. 
Stokes. Mica jah. ~ 
Stone. Warren. 
Story. Benj. S. 
Stuart, Arthur L. 
Swain. Frank McC. 
Srhoeff, George, 
Silcot, Joseph F. 
Sheehan. Patrick. 
Soniat. Lucion. 
Soucbon, Charles P. 
SnOW, Robert II. 

Spear, Henry W. 
Stewart. Alexander P. 

Xbwles. 0. M. 


Tatar?, J, u. 
'I'.nic.v, Robert J. 
Taylor, Lewis li. 
'I borne, John 
Thornton, Thomas. 
Tisdale, Nathan. 

Underbill, Edward M. 
Underwood, Nelson. 

Vallette, Octave F. 
Van Horn, Thaddeus C 
Vanney, Charles. 
Vainliy. William. 
Vautier, Charles. 
Venables, Richard s. 
Vimine, Joseph II. 

Walker, Garrett. 
Walker, J. It. 
Walker, James T. 
Warren, Robert 11 
^ .it (s, I larrison. , 

Weaver, George J. 
West, Douglas. 
Whitesidos, W. J. 
Wiggin, Benj, F. 
Williams, Joseph. 

Williamson, John G. 
Williamson, Oliver ( '. 
WilJOK, Charles I,. 
Wilson, Frank H. 
Wilt:-.. Louis A If. 


Tracey, M. O. 
Trepagnier, Norbert 

Tin I. Win. V. 
Taylor, Joseph D. 
Thomas, Allen. 
Thomson, Patrick II. 

ITrquhart, David. 

Fignaud, Jas. A. 
Vigo, Paul J. 

Viicnes. Joseph 
Villermain, Leon. 
Villere, Chas. J, 
Vinet, John B. 
Vinla, ITypolite. 

Will/,. Thomas. 
Winn, 1. z. 
Winter, Frank D. 
William, ('has. W. 
Witherspoon, A. J., Rev. 
Woelper. Thomas. 
Wogan, A. v. 
Wolfe, John. 

Wolfe, Odolpho. 
Woods. Robert J. 
Wright, William II. 
Webster, (Jeorge. 
Wild, Christ. 
Wood, William. 


J. We NOYES Chairman 

R. F. GREEN, Son of C. V ..Secretary 

Fnbius 0. Godobold, Isaac J, Fowler, 

Nicholas Cuny, Mord. Mallett. 

J. Walton Gaines, Adam Wngatha. 

Funeral Director 

F. LAUDUMIEY & CO., Limited., 
1112 N. Rampart St. Phone Hemlock 408. 

Voting. John M. 

Deceased Sons of Confederate Veterans. 
Blesine, F. Bourgeois. 
Chalaron, Andrew C. 

Robertson, McKinnie. Roman, Charles J, 
Willis. Chas. J. 




President, I 'HI LIT' POWER, 

1513 ESlysian Fields Avenue. Phone Hemlock 13S4 

First Vice-President, J. Wm. NOTES. 

11528 Fourth Street 

Second Vice President, FABITJS O. GODBOT 
2784 Prytahia. Cor. Washington. Phone Upto 


Third Vice-President, ISAAC T. FOWLER 
7400 Pearl Street Phine Uptown 285K-L 
Recording Secretary, NICHOLAS CUNY, 
S14 St, Peter St. Memorial Hall, 12 t<» 2 p. 

Assistant Recording • Secretary, ft. F. OREE,' 

(Son of O, v.), 
Sewerage and Water Board. Phone Main fi 

Financial Secretary. Mf^RD. MAT/LETT, 
121f. Priors Ave. W. G. Covin & Co.. 337 Car 
delet, 12 to 1 p. m. Phono Main 2120. 

Corresponding Secretary. ,T. WALTON OATNI 
1408 Annunciation Street. Memorial IT 

Treasurer, ADAM W AGATHA. 
450 Pine Street. Toillonia Rank. Phone 1! 


Physician. Y. R. LeMONNIBR. M.T>.. 
1224 N. fJnlvez St. Phono 58 Hemic 

Assistant Physicians, Sens of Confederate \ 


J AS. L RICHARD, M. D„ District Above Cm 
9ii'.> IVt.-rs Ave, Phono Uptown 1 

41H Macheca Building, 12 to 1 r30 p. m. 
Phone Main 4398. 

District Below Canal St. 1825 Bayou Road. Ph- 
Hem. 77. 414 Godchaux Building. 
Phone Main 3406. 
Xrinitv Chapel. 19ll> S. Rnmpnrt St. Phone M,